Crystal Center

The Crystal Center is probably one of the most populated place on NEXT ISLAND.

You can find the Termminals, Crafting Machines, Society Terminal, in two of the Buildings near the Crystal Center Teleporter. Close to the Teleporter is also  a revival point

in the ” Backyard ” is the Arrival Alley where you can meet Mirnda, Arthur and, a bit hidden in the rear corner in a container you can find

-2922 – Fyodor. Also waiting for you in the Arrival Alley is Helen Venture.

In  the west, when you turn around the corner of a few container, you will be able to have a chat with

0574 – Samuel.

The next attractions  located  in the area  around the Crystal Center are

The Pit,

the Boar Field High,

The Boar Field low & Medium

The Racetrack and

the Papoo Village  in the east.

And Crystal Bay  when you head out west.


The Crystal Center & The Arrival Alley Nov. 2016


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