Boar Field High

Newerdays  you do not find Boars anymore inside of this 3 parted fence. The south, center and north part.

Which is anyway  broken at some spots, so the yellow Papoo who are now swarming this place  are even outside of it.

Here are  young to old.

The Area is reachable  with 2 Teleporter. The first is this , The  Boar Field High TP. In the middle of the northern part who has a revive Point near by in a small fence to protect you against the monkeys.

The other one is the Boar Field low & medium Tp.  which is located in the northwest corner of the southern part

Nearby in its south you can find the Race Track and if you head even more west  you can enter  Crystal Center.

At the oposite side  to the east  you can find  Papoo Village TP



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