Arachne’s Dilemma

Arachne needs your helpt to create a unique garment for Athene.

Bring her the needed ingredient and get 2 different Blueprints as reward

You can gather the Horns and Tails form      Achelous, Asterion, Bullman, Minotaur

MISSION BROKER:               Arachne @ ANCIENT GREECE LOCATION: ( 36241 / 20698 )

OB JECTIVE :                          Acquire 20 Minotaur Horn

                                                    Acquire 20 Minotaur Tail

REWARD :                               Athenian Headscarf Blueprint ( QR 50 ) If you are playing a Female Avatar

                                                    Athenian Tunic Blueprint ( QR 50 )  If you playing a Male Avatar

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