6th quarterly swunt and giveaway extravaganza

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    • cerealkiller Participant
      July 28, 2017 at 1:30 am #1162

      brought to you by cypherman cypherman cypherman, pedtoclick.com, orpheus clay blades, BIG industries, realdad realdad realdad, sinister morgoth evil, and many other generous private AUD holding avatars comes the event some of you have been waiting for on sat Aug 19th. the extravaganza starts with free warps, then gear gets handed out, followed by swunting wombanas, afterwards sweat buying, hunting togolosi, and ending with more free warps. the exact itinerary will be as follows

      on calypso assembley begins under warp commander jo johaoninho90 jo at boreas teleporter
      on rocktropia assembly begins under warp commander light cerealkiller revant (CK) at CND lagoon teleporter
      on cyrene assembly begins under warp commander darwi dar odrade at 0x101 supply depot
      on next island assembly begins under warp commander Archon Reaver Blade at shepherd beach

      9:25-summons via teams of the warp commanders on first two planets

      9:35-summons via teams of the warp commanders on second two planets

      9:45-make sure all get from arkadia station to arkadia

      10:00-everyone is issued a herman ark-0 and 3 ped ammo via AUTHORIZED team leaders at fire crystal (if you are not in the event chat channel you are not authorized please do not make a team)

      10:15-11:45-swunt wambana in teams of 8

      11:45-up to 3000 vibrant sweat will be purchaced from each player at premium rate of 2.5/k

      12:00-12:45 reform at wonderland in teams of 12 to hunt some togolosi

      1:00 those wising to return to calypso or rocktropia will be summoned from CK’s team at celeste outpost.

      now to answer the questions im sure everyone will be asking me. the loot and weapon are yours to keep.
      all donations will be accepted. take part in any part you like feel free to show up just for hunt or just for swunt, but please do not take the gear,logout/leave without even sweating and shooting wambanas with your team. the only restrictions of participation are those who have previously been banned from BIG events, those who are the reason for part of this paragraph, and those on CK’s ignore list.

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    • cerealkiller Participant
      August 19, 2017 at 9:36 pm #1170

      well that was the best one so far! 11 hours from warp assembly time to the last droid that ned spawned. more people took the warp more people sold sweat but we didn’t manage to finish the wave spawn dylan kept bringing us back to the abyss and spawning more lancers and mechs. shout out to all my sponsors realdad, morgoth, orpheus, dbug, simone, archon, and as always BIG industries. we landed several big hofs and hundreds of globals including the biggest single loot i have ever gotten in the history of my avatar. huge thank you to ned and dylan those mobs u spawned for us really took this event to a higher level. it did not go perfectly i did not have enough team leaders show up and that made the distribution go terrible. also took far too long to get everyone down from the station needed more pilots. to finish on a positive note everyone who did show up and help did a great job ty all very much especially those who took spots at the last min.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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